JŌB, an Animation Project by Koelle Art

It came tonight!

I recently backed a project on Kickstarter, and as a backer, I received several rewards that arrived in a very neat and organized package. I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist an “unboxing” picture:

The project itself is inspiring. It began as a poem written by John Piper based on the story of the Biblical character Job. In 2008, it was published in book form with illustrations by Chris Koelle. The book is now out of print, but Chris and several others are reintroducing the story of Job as an animated movie through illustration, music, and poetry.

What is the story of Job? Here is an excerpt from the JŌB Kickstarter page:

Job lost everything: his wealth, his health, and his ten children. All swept away in one satanic storm. Reduced to a heap of flesh, ashes, and tears- rebuked by friends and jeered by strangers- righteous Job wrestled over the purpose and presence of God in the midst of unbearable pain. [Through this movie] we are invited to revel in God’s sovereign and surprisingly joyful purposes in allowing exquisite suffering in the lives of His saints. This story of human suffering and the sovereignty of God is artfully brought to new life as a deeply moving resource especially for those experiencing great suffering and loss.

Few can deny having struggled with finding purpose and meaning in life- JŌB provides answers for those who are searching, and comfort to those who are hurting.

You have to see it to understand the power of this project:

You can see more of Chris Koelle’s work here.

You can read John Piper’s poem here

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